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A quick, completely honest overview of our philosophies (with a bit of sappiness mixed in ;)) - Please Read:
Throughout 2006 and 2007, I got completely burned out on most extracurricular activities, including the cavies. I have not shown since Kara was cut down last October; I have had very few litters and have sold most of the caviary. This is due completely to personal events (i.e., my senior year and graduation from college, not to mention subsequent job search) and NOT to the cavies themselves or anything that happened with them. Don't get me wrong - they were not neglected at all, I just didn't spend as much personal time with them or enjoy them as I once did.

It is now late July 2007, my life has begun to calm down (read: I HAVE a life again!), and I am beginning to enjoy them again. However, over the last 14 months of all of this, my attitude toward the cavies has changed a great deal. I no longer count it a priority to breed them continuously, i.e. placing them back in breeding as soon as they are rested from a prior litter, as I once did. Improving the quality of the breeds I have (the Coronet especially) continues to be a huge priority, as is spreading the quality of those breeds. However, I currently have only 12 animals who are considered breeding/show stock due to selling most of my stock earlier this year. These include:

- a trio of Silver Solid Americans
- a trio of Coronets
- 5 Silkie sows and 1 Silkie boar.

Because of this, and because of the fact that I refuse to work my sows heavily at all, I will not have as many litters born as I once did. I count it a privilege to be able to offer quality stock to other breeders who are dedicated to furthering the fancy. I will be keeping a waiting list again, and anything beyond a waiting list will be sold as "first come, first served." I am NOT ceasing breeding/showing or planning on doing so at all in the near future; I simply have serious limitations when it comes to these guys, and I intend to keep it that way.

If you are interested in future stock, please email me; I will do my very best to find what you want in a reasonable amount of time. Basically, what I am trying to say here is that I am dedicated both to these critters AND to furthering the fancy, and I welcome inquiries, but please have patience - our stock is limited. :)

In addition, I want to thank EVERYONE whom I have been in contact with in the last year who has kept me sane during this, the most crazy year of my life thus far. College has been the best years of my life, but it has also been crazily stressful, and I owe a huge thanks to those who have supported me.

Thanks for getting through this if you did, and please contact us if you'd like to be put on the waiting list; we DO now have animals in breeding!

Upcoming Show Schedule (Tentative):

Most Autumn Southeastern shows within 300 miles of Greensboro, NC

Currently Available:

Nothing right now. Check back; cavies in breeding.

Email us to be placed on our waiting list!

Last Updated 27 July 2007

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