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Shipping: We will ship via several different airlines out of Atlanta, Georgia. Each
shipment must contain at least three animals unless other arrangements are approved.
We do require transportation costs to and from the airport as it is a 500-mile round trip.
These costs are based on actual gas consumed during the trip.

Domestic Shipping: Prices start at $80.00 USD
International Shipping: Prices start at ~ $230.00 USD

Cavies may also be picked up either at our Caviary in Shelby, NC, or at shows we are attending.
In addition, we may be willing to meet at a pre-planned destination if the buyer lives within ~12
hours' drive. Cavies are also available to be brought to the Pacific Northwest periodically, and
picked up there (small shipping charges will apply).

NEW: A 50% deposit MUST be received by Glory & Co. Caviary within 10 days of an animal
being held. If a deposit is not received within 10 days, the animal(s) will be re-listed for sale.

We accept the following methods of payment:
- Cash at time of pickup/delivery, if hold time is <10 days
- Personal check, cashier's check, or money order
- Paypal

Prices are subject to change due to development until an animal is formally
reserved. At the time a deposit is placed, prices are firm and will not change.

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Upcoming Show Schedule (Tentative):


Email us to be placed on our waiting list!

Last Updated 18 March 2007

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