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The Story of Glory

Cavies sparked my interest in October of 1992. At the time, my family was moving and the house we moved into housed not only a family of four, but - you guessed it - cavies! Darla Griffin, a long-time Washington breeder at the time, occupied this house, and when we saw it for the first time and I spied the fifty or so cavies housed in their garage - I was in awe that anybody could own this many guinea pigs. Across the street lived Lisa McLoughlin - another breeder - and next door to her was Kim Harlington - yes, yet another one.

The McLoughlins also left soon after we moved in, but the Harlingtons remained. Kim bred lovely show-quality Americans and American Satins but rarely showed. In 1993, when I was almost ten years old, my parents began encouraging me to spend some time with the Harlingtons. This may have been a mistake - if I asked them now, they might regret it, seeing as what it led to! - but mere months later, I received my first guinea pig - a very nice TSW Satin American boar we named Star, but I fondly referred to him as Boo Boo.

A year after getting Boo, I received a red & white coat faulted Satin American sow, Glory, from Kim. My agreement with my parents was that I wouldn't breed - but after much conniving, I received another pair when Kim sold out in late 1994. I now had, in addition to Glory and Boo, Goblin, who was a gorgeous TSW Satin boar; and Bridget, a very nice red & white Satin Carrier sow.

The rest is history! Glory's first litter, the first litter in G&CC history, was born on May 9th, 1995 - two American Satin Boars, one TSW, one red & white broken. Bridget followed six days later with three American babies: a TSW boar and two TSW sows.

The Summer of 1996 brought Teddies, Peruvians, and Silkies. In early 1997, we acquired our first Coronet. These were our breeds until late 1999, when we sold out of both Teddies and Americans. Coronets, Peruvians, and Silkies have been here to stay ever since!

Glory & Co. Timeline:


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Harlington's Glory - and our caviary is
christened as Glory & Co. in late 1994.


Glory and Bridget deliver the first litters in G&CC history, expanding our caviary to five sows and two boars.


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Longhairs make their appearance at Glory & Co.
Richardson's Cori is our very first Coronet - much to
her dismay, she made us love this breed from the start.



G&CC True Colours sets the prime point of our involvement with American Brokens. Born in December, she captures 12 consecutive Best of Varieties, two Best of Breeds, and one Best Opposite Sex of Breed during the 1998 show season, earning 12 ARBA G.C. legs.


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G&CC Great Expectations is our first Peruvian to be put in full coat, and captures two Best in Shows (our first!) and one Reserve in Show, finishing her career by winning Best Opposite Sex of Breed at ARBA Nationals in Portland, Oregon.

Schulz's Adam becomes our first Coronet to be put in full coat. He is shown three short times, capturing Best of Breed each time and earning our first three ARBA G.C. legs for Coronets.


G&CC Joshua Tree follows "G.E." by winning two Best in Shows throughout the Summer of 1999.

G&CC Kiara is our first homebred Coronet to be coated out. She earns five Best of Breed ARBA G.C. legs in her short show career.


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G&CC Tanner, TSW Coronet Sow, shows us exactly how much our work with Coronets has paid off: Shown briefly from April 10th - June 25th, she captures two Best in Shows, two Reserve in Shows, two Honourable Mentions, and thirteen consecutive Best of Breed wins between the ages of 4 and 6 1/2 months.

G&CC Augusta is shown three times in the fall and earns three ARBA G.C. legs, including Best In Show at the age of four months.


Tough footsteps to follow - G&CC Chehalis is shown three times in the Summer / Fall of 2001 and captures two Best In Show wins at ages 3 1/2 and 5 months in his short show career.


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brittney6mc.jpg (51571 bytes)     chavaleh6m.jpg (45030 bytes)

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G&CC Brittney and G&CC Chavaleh once again enforce our decision to stick with Coronets as they together earn eleven ARBA G.C. legs, 13 Best of Breed wins, three honourable mentions, and one Judges' Choice in Show.

G&CC Brigeita follows close behind them, being shown four times and going out with a bang at the OCBS November 2002 show, winning Best in Show at 5 months in an entry of 186 animals.

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I left for college in Boiling Springs, North Carolina in August of 2003. Melinda Conger of Lake Tapps Caviary was so kind to offer to house a select few animals for me while I was gone. I chose ten very special cavies - and off I went!

Pictured to the left is my college
campus, Gardner Webb University.


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After a very short first term at GWU, I decided to take a semester off. Coming home, I was so lucky to be able to receive some lovely animals back from Cindy Bishop of Little Rascals Caviary.

At the beginning of 2004, Lemon Agouti Longhairs and Peruvians made their appearance back at Glory & Co.! Consolidated Schafer was my first Peruvian since 2000. To date, she has captured 4 ARBA G.C. legs, earning ARBA Grand Championship status.

In August of 2004, we will be returning to Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina - this time with 29 cavies in tow!


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