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Below are some of our favourite cavy links, sorted in alphabetical order by
the state/province location. If you would like us to add your "up to date"
link pertaining to breeding and/or showing cavies, please
email us

Caviaries: United States

Sunflower Cavies: California


Debonaire Cavies: New Jersey


Blue Moon Caviary: Ohio


Iverson's Cavies and Lops: Oregon


Carrot Hill Cavies: Oregon


Consolidated Caviary: Oregon


Silvercrest Caviary: Oregon


Broken Ivy Caviary: Tennessee


Cavies of Camelot: Texas


International House of Piggies: Washington


KarMar Cavies: Alaska

Caviaries: International

Creator's Critters: British Columbia, Canada


Cavy Cottage: British Columbia, Canada


Equinox Caviary: British Columbia, Canada

Fort York Caviary: Ontario, Canada


Red Rock Caviary: Ontario, Canada

Cavy Associations/Clubs:
American Rabbit Breeders Association
American Cavy Breeders Association

Oregon Cavy Breeders Society


Washington Cavy Fanciers


North Carolina Cavy Breeders

Cage/Accessory Suppliers We Use:

Woody's Wabbits - Oregon

Quality Cage Co. - Oregon
KW Cages - California

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