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Glory & Co.
tort & white Coronet boar

by G&CC Lazarus
out of G&CC Jillian (Consolidated Great Gatsby X Consolidated Jalaina)
DOB: 09 June 2006


Shown at 10 weeks


Plusses: Very good density, texture, colour and type
To work on: His coronet is dense, pinpoint, but seems square-ish to me. Head is also not fantastic.

What a guy! I love Joshua - he has the most charming face and is incredibly promising to boot. I also love his markings and hope he looks as striking in full coat as he does now. I am hoping to coat him out for our fall/winter Southeastern shows.

Joshua may go to ARBA Nationals as an Intermediate.


04butthome.jpg (4700 bytes)      04buttemail.jpg (4951 bytes)