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Glory & Co.
golden agouti/red/
white Coronet boar

by G&CC Scout (Lazarus X Summer Song)
out of G&CC Katrina (Rafferty "Go" X Katie)

DOB: 16 January 2007

Shown at 6 weeks

Evandar is a cute little guy with great markings - although I have not yet had time to sit down and tame/board train him, so the above picture was taken in his cage and really doesn't do him justice! He has lovely colour and a gorgeous pinpoint coronet, though it is a little longer than I prefer (I like them nice and short) and so I am hopeful that he'll grow into it. With luck, Evandar will take over our "boar duties" here at G&CC in the fall - when we plan to cut down to 5 or 6 animals total in our breeding program. He may be shown some before that.

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